The functional phones for the elderly in China are selling well all over the world!

According to media reports, China-made functional phones for elderly people are selling well globally, becoming a sweet pastry in the eyes of foreigners.

An elderly phone manufacturer in Shenzhen told the media that the loud volume and long battery life are just needed for elderly phones. Many elderly people have both smartphones and feature phones, and feature phones with multiple languages ​​have now extended functions such as watching movies, games, and power banks and are also exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, Russia, and other countries.

According to reports, after 10 years of rapid smartphone growth, global smartphone sales have declined. At the same time, a surprisingly low-cost communication device is making a comeback, those inconspicuous feature phones usually sell for $100 or less.


Feature phones nowadays are no longer so-called dumb phones that can only make calls and send text messages. Because they have a limited number of built-in applications, they can connect to popular services such as Facebook and Google’s YouTube.

Counterpoint Research analyst Neil Shah pointed out that a key breakthrough in feature phones led to its unexpected prosperity. The latest feature phone models are able to connect to the almost ubiquitous 4G network instead of the outdated 2G network, which is rapidly being phased out by operators.