The good news for racing car games fans! PS5 video game steering wheel will be available!

The boundary between real and virtual is getting blurred, especially in the world of video games. Among them, the simulation equipment of racing video games is getting more and more advanced, and it can even become a simulation training machine for professional racing drivers.

As for how realistic video games can be, BMW made a bold attempt. They developed a GT3 racing steering wheel compatible with video games.

BMW has predicted that it will send M4 to the GT races in 2022. The most eye-catching is the M4 GT3 race car. However, driving a GT3 race car is an unattainable dream for car fans or video game fans.

Therefore, BMW makes the M4 GT3 racing direction compatible with the video game simulator. Even if you only drive the M4 GT3 in the video game, as long as you hold the same steering wheel, you can get closer to the real M4 GT3.

This steering wheel is designated and developed by BMW Motorsport and commissioned by Fanatec. Fanatec already has a wealth of experience in the development of video game steering wheels and racing steering wheels, and has also produced realistic F1 racing video game steering wheels.

But the project commissioned by BMW Motorsport this time is very special. It is the first time in history to use a real GT3 racing steering wheel in a video game simulator.

The M4 GT3 steering wheel developed by Fanatec is made of 8 layers of carbon fiber composite material, with a total of 3 knobs and 12 buttons. All buttons contain LED lights, and their functions are made in full compliance with GT3 race specifications.

Behind the steering wheel, there are shift paddles made of carbon fiber, and the quick-release structure is used to connect the steering column. Don’t suddenly feel confused when you see these specifications, because this is a standard GT3 racing steering wheel.

The M4 GT3 steering wheel is compatible with video game simulators, PC video games, and all PS4 and PS5 compatible video games on PlayStation. It weighs about 1,400 grams, has a diameter of 310 mm, and is IP65 dust-proof and waterproof.

As for the price, neither BMW nor Fanatec has released any news. Presumably the price is definitely not cheap, because this is a genuine M4 GT3 racing steering wheel.

But for car fans, it is also good to have a real racing steering wheel to collect.