The kitchen basket drawer can improve home happiness

Your kitchen storage is always poorly done. In fact, you did not choose the right tools, and your storage utensils are not stored in a corresponding place. As a result, they are all stored in one place, which looks super messy. I recommend the storage tools in my kitchen

An extra tool drawer is added to the basket, and the original two-layer space instantly becomes three-layer, which improves the utilization rate of the basket space and doubles the storage capacity. Various commonly used kitchen tools can be sorted and stored inside.

The dishes are placed on the upper level. There is a special dish rack to support the dishes to be placed upright for easy access. There is also a cutlery box on the side for storing spoons and forks and other cutlery.

The lower level is used to store pots, steamers and some bakeware. There is enough space to store these large kitchen utensils.

Seasoning basket
A clean storage tool that can tidy up the countertop. It is specially used to store various seasoning bottles. The storage capacity is large. No matter how many seasoning bottles, you don’t have to be afraid. A small inner pump is installed for placing various commonly used spices. Pull out the small inner pump, and below is the first layer where more spice bottles can be stored.

The first layer is used to store shorter seasoning bottles. There are baffles and dividers inside to fix the seasoning bottles to prevent them from colliding during pushing and pulling. There are a knife holder and cutlery box on the side, which can hold knives and chopsticks. This knife holder tool The box can be removed and cleaned. The second layer is used to place high-bottle seasoning bottles. As the first layer, there are baffles and partitions for fixing the bottle body.

Storage basket

Like the dish pull basket, the storage pull basket also has a tool drawer, which is used to store the kitchen utensils of the kitchen, such as rolling pins, paring knives, and the like. The upper and lower two layers are used to store various bottles and cans, which simply solves the problem of dry goods storage.