The most fashionable new phone OPPO Reno5 F has been released in Malaysia

With a limited budget, and want to enjoy more powerful features in the mid-range machine with a thousand yuan?

OPPO Reno5 F will definitely be your first choice.

The new OPPO Reno5 F can be regarded as the leader in appearance, image and performance of mobile phones at the same price. It definitely gives users a full range of visual and user experience!

Then let’s announce the lead of OPPO Reno5 F together!


It has 6 innovative AI photography functions

In terms of the rear camera, OPPO Reno5 F uses a four-shot side-by-side design, the entire camera design looks like a square.

The bottom of the 8MP quad camera also uses an etching process to make the AI ​​text better demonstrate the powerful imaging capabilities of the OPPO Reno5 F.

AI portrait retention video

AI portrait color retention The human body and the background are segmented through AI recognition, which can retain the protagonist’s color and simplify the background, so as to achieve the effect of highlighting the protagonist, allowing you to easily shoot cool and fashionable movies.

Whether you are taking photos or recording videos (front and rear), you can use the AI ​​portrait color retention function, which means that your selfie videos can also be shot with high-level pictorial texture!


In addition, the AI ​​portrait color retention of Reno5 F can not only record videos, but also take photos!

With the front and rear dual scene video function, let you record your life interestingly.

OPPO Reno5 F supports dual video recording. Through dual video front and rear shooting at the same time, you and your friends or family can be more creative outside the frame.

You can also use this dual video function to shoot more interactive videos!

This dual video supports three modes, split screen, center, and small square. You can choose the dual video mode you want with your creativity! It’s most suitable for Vlog shooting!

Streamer portrait

The streamer portrait photography function supported by OPPO Reno5 F can make the characters more prominent when taking pictures, while also turning the background into a dynamic streamer style! A must for taking good photos at night!

AI scene recognition

The AI ​​scene recognition function of OPPO Reno5 F can intelligently identify 20 common shooting scenes, and automatically adjust the brightness and color, without post-processing, you can make photos more vivid and natural!