The Mouse that Specially Recommended to Girls-RAPOO Ralemo Air 1

As an indispensable part of daily office work, the mouse is shaken back and forth in the hands of people everyday.Whether it’s a normal mouse, an office mouse, a demo mouse or a game mouse, the unified standard is that the mouse is not small.There are few mice on the market specifically designed for women’s small hands. The small and lovely mouse should be more popular among female users.


Recently, computer peripherals manufacturer Ralemo Technology has launched a new series of products for female users. This time, let’s take a look at One of Ralemo’s air-cushion mouse –Air 1.


Very simple white packaging, the front is the texture of the mouse.

There are various parameters of Ralemo Air 1 behind, such as bluetooth 3.0, 5.0 and 2.4g free switch, multi-device support, wireless charging, mute buttons, adjustable DPI, etc.



Ralemo Air 1 is an overall oblong design, with 102 x 60 x 35mm size the girla’ small hands can also hold it in one hand.About the key is for the frosting surface, the anti-slip and anti-sweat effect is very good, the design of the silent key will prevent distracted by the click of the mouse operation, the central wheel is replaced by the spherical, which is really lovely.


The front of the mouse is very much like the modeling design of the air cushion foundation commonly used by girls, the key area and the bottom area is just like the touch of the powder puff and foundation


The arc of the whole palm rest is appropriate. Ralemo’s character is engraved on the metal palm rest. There is DPI adjustment button on the left with 4 gears from 600 to 1600DPI switching fastly, to meet the different needs.


Ralemo Air 1 has the on/off and mode switch button, charging interface and circular Qi wireless charging area labeled at the bottom.However, as the charging interface is directly below the mouse, if the data line is used for charging, the mouse will not be able to be used normally.


The Ralemo Air 1 has a built-in 300mAh lithium-ion battery and theoretically works for 25 days straight, but if you have a mouse pad or computer desk that supports wireless charging, the battery life can be extended indefinitely.


The 2.4G wireless connection is strong and stable, with millisecond response technology, plug and play, low power consumption and other advantages appears very superior.However, a 2.4G wireless connection must be equipped with a NANO receiver, so it can only work in one-to-one mode.


Under bluetooth 5.0 and 3.0 modes, one-to-many working mode can be realized. The theoretical transmission distance of Bluetooth 5.0 is up to 300 meters and the transmission speed is 2Mbps. Compared with Bluetooth 3.0 standard, it has more outstanding transmission distance and anti-interference.If Bluetooth 3.0 mode is suitable for operating next to the device, Bluetooth 5.0 mode is a powerful tool for remote demonstration during meetings.


From the aspect of appearance alone, Ralemo Air 1 has been able to make most girls love it. The mute button design can make the work process more secure.DPI of grade 4 can meet the daily office use,  also can carry on the game lovers for the precise operation of the game.