The official version of iOS 15 will be released next week: Apple pushes a simulated version to teach users to quickly become familiar

Apple’s autumn new product launch conference is scheduled at 1:00 am Singapore time on September 15, iPhone 13 will undoubtedly be the absolute protagonist. The iPhone 13 uses of course the official version of iOS 15.

Some users found that Tips APP has begun to push iOS 15 warm-up notifications, entitled “See what’s coming in iOS 15”.

After clicking the notification banner, you will enter the introduction of the new features of iOS 15, including Safari tag grouping, focus mode, system-level translation, AR maps, etc.

After that, there is an experience called the iOS 15 preview version, which teaches you to quickly get started with iOS 15 by simulating the new function interface.

At present, iOS 15 has released eight beta versions. It seems that Apple’s preparations are relatively sufficient, and I hope that the final stability of the system will be higher.