The pilot’s iPhone X fell from a height of 3 kilometers: it was kept intact because of the protective case

In the forum for flying enthusiasts, the pilot “dmloftus” revealed that he was flying a Diamond DA40 light aircraft into the sky on August 8.

When he opened the side window at 1,100 feet (about 3350 meters) to shoot photos of cloud and sky, a turbulence blew off his iPhone X. Dmloftus is a bit speechless at the moment, because he has taken hundreds of pictures and videos in the same way before, but he did not expect bad luck.

After a while of frustration, he flew the plane and landed in Atlanta, USA at 22:00 at that time. Dmloftus said that it may be that God wants to tell him that it is time to switch to a 5G mobile phone.

However, when he returned home at night, he pulled out the iPhone 6S backup phone and was about to lock the private information of the iPhone X on iCloud, he accidentally discovered that the phone had coordinates, and the last time it was sent was at 21:39.

The excited dmloftus then went to Blythe, Arkansas, and found iPhone X in a soybean field. What’s more surprising is that it can be used normally.

Well, dmloftus believes that, first of all, it is the buffer of the farmland, and secondly, perhaps the supporting Otterbox Defender series protective shell has also contributed.