The prototype of the new iPad Mini is exposed! The same size with a larger screen

When Apple’s iPad Mini 5 was released in 2019, it was equipped with the same powerful chip as the iPad, but the price and size were quite cordial, and it set a good sales volume as soon as it was released.

Comprehensive foreign media reports pointed out that the new generation of iPad Mini 6 will be presented in a reduced version of the iPad Air, with the HOME button removed, the body size unchanged, and a larger screen.

The report pointed out that Apple will launch the iPad Mini 6 this year. In April, a media PO released a rendering of the iPad Mini 6 and pointed out that the appearance will not change much.

However, the source pointed out that the iPad Mini 6 is conceptually a reduced version of the iPad Air 10.5.


The new generation of iPad Mini 6 measures 206.3mm x 137.8mm x 6.1mm, which is almost the same as iPad Mini 5. After canceling the physical HOME button, the screen will be equipped with a narrow bezel full screen, and the port will also be changed to a USB Type-C interface.

As for Touch ID, it has been changed to the power button, and the overall design is almost like iPad Air 10.5.

In terms of accessories, a reduced version of the keyboard case and a reduced version of Apple Pencil 2 will be launched.

For the hardware part, the CPU may be equipped with an A14 CPU and support 5G network connection. It is expected that the actual machine will be seen at the press conference this fall.