The secrets of Lei Jun’s eight locks are here

Last night, Lei Jun tweeted on Weibo: “It’s really too difficult to keep it secret! It forced the marketing department to come up with such an idea.”

In the video, Lei Jun received a “new product anti-exposure box” from Xiaomi’s marketing department. Lei Jun took apart several cartons in a row, and finally saw the real packaging box of Mi 12 Pro. Unexpectedly….. was locked with eight locks. Let’s feel it:


Even so, it still failed to block everyone’s heart of breaking the news. Let’s take a look at what the Mi 12 series has brought us:
At 19:30 tonight, the Mi 12 series, which has been warmed up for many days, will be officially released, offering three models of Mi 12 X, Mi 12, and Mi 12 Pro, among which the latter two models are respectively benchmarked against iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max .

It is reported that Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro will be the world’s first Sony IMX707, a 1/1.28-inch ultra-large bottom, 2.44um integrated large pixels, 49% increase in light input. This is currently one of Sony’s top sensors. Mi 12 Pro will focus on night scene color restoration.


In other respects, it is equipped with the second-generation low-power 2K OLED flexible screen, supports 120W super flash charging, and the first Xiaomi self-developed charging chip Surging P1

In addition, the Mi 12 series will be pre-installed with MIUI 13. Compared with the MIUI 12.5 enhanced version, the system application fluency is increased by 20%-26%, and the head application fluency is increased by 15%-52%.

In terms of price, Xiaomi Mi 12 Pro is the highest-end model of the whole series, 8+128GB is $785, 8+256GB is $832 , and 12+256GB is as high as $895.

Do you expect such a Mi 12?