The smart sterilization toothbrush cup holder

The product is taken apart by express delivery. It is the main color of white. The toothbrush and mouthwash cup are surrounded by a gray design, which forms a color matching with white. The main color of white is actually a dominant color design. White , It gives people a simple and pure feeling. Of course, white has another advantage that it is versatile. Basically any color can be matched with white. It will not cause the wall tiles in your home to be other colors and it will not look good when you buy it back.


The front of the product is the brand logo and the control power supply. The bottom left of the product is mainly an upside-down mouthwash cup, and the bottom right is a toothbrush. This design is orderly and it is really in line with my aesthetics.


【Hardware Equipment】

As an electronic product, what I pay more attention to is not the appearance, but its hardware configuration, because a good hardware configuration can ensure its strong performance. This kind of sterilization of toiletries, my requirements are even higher, because After all, it must be in close contact with the oral cavity.

The full-scale sterilization configuration really attracted me when choosing. Seoul Viosys LED lamp beads, 275nm professional-grade ultraviolet sterilization, can completely destroy the DNA base pairs of bacteria contaminated on the toothbrush, directly destroy the genetic material, and let They could not continue to reproduce, and the sterilization rate directly reached 99.99%.



The mirror has a characteristic that it can reflect the light source, so that the surrounding things can be illuminated by the light, which indirectly increases the light source. The whole grid also cleverly uses this feature, creating a frontal illumination, with a mirror surface The reflection effect of the electroplating chamber allows the ultraviolet rays to be spread out in a limited space, and realizes the surrounding sterilization. The ultraviolet rays are irradiated around the toothbrush and sterilized in all directions.


【Intelligent · Practical】

The name of this product is the smart sterilization toothbrush cup holder, so there is no doubt that he can only be qualified with this name if he is smart enough. After so many days, I found that this product is indeed very smart.

I don’t know if you have noticed that everything that has something to do with intelligence has the word “auto”. The same is true for the full range of smart sterilization toothbrush cup holders. In the state of daily work, the sterilization mode will be turned on every 6 hours, and There are many 24-hour products on the market that only kill bacteria when the toothbrush or toothbrush cup is put in. Quange is really smarter and more considerate. Of course, at this time, some people may say, if I want to sterilize the toothbrush and toothbrush cup in this six-hour interval, can it be done? My answer is yes. In addition to a set of intelligent algorithms, there is also a main control button in the whole grid. Double-clicking can be forced to kill. It only takes three minutes to sterilize efficiently. It can meet the needs of consumers at any time. There are differences in different states. The status indicator reminds the user.


It is inevitable that we sometimes suddenly want to use a toothbrush during sterilization. At this time, a problem arises. If the toothbrush is removed and still working, wouldn’t it be a waste of electricity? Therefore, the smart sterilization toothbrush cup holder is equipped with a smart radar sensor module. , As long as it senses the movement of people within 1.5 meters, it stops working. This setting not only saves a small amount of money for users, but also protects the health of consumers and avoids the adverse effects of sterilization light on the body.


After talking about intelligence, it’s time to talk about usability, because many people think that installing such a shelf in the home is not only a waste of time and energy, but also takes up the space of the home, and it is impossible to put some other items in it.

In fact, this idea is completely redundant. As a product of a new era, of course, it is necessary to use nailless installation. There is no need to punch holes during installation. Only high-strength adhesive can be used to firmly hang the product on the wall. Of course, if you want to punch holes, the whole grid also reserves the punch control position.


There is also the idea of ​​not being able to place more things. In fact, there are two layers of storage space on the top of the cup holder. The internal storage bin places some spare items at the same time.


The tray on the top can also hold some daily necessities, so it is really “thinking too much” to worry about not being able to put things.

[It is worth improving]

As the saying goes, no item is perfect. Similarly, this toothbrush cup holder is not perfect. I have always encountered a problem when using it. There is always a cup that can’t be placed because the shelf can only accommodate two cups. Hopefully The first generation of products can solve this headache. Another problem is that although it seems a good choice to put the cup down, it means that if the water in the cup is not pour clean, it will flow to the place, increasing The workload of the later period.


Home is important and unavoidable for everyone. It is also reasonable for the toothbrushes and mouthwash cups of the family to be housed, not to mention the one that can ensure our health, give us healthier and more hygienic What about the little home of life experience?