The strongest noise reduction and 30 hours of battery life! OPPO Enco Free2 wireless earphones

Its biggest feature is that the noise reduction depth is as high as 42dB, which is higher than Apple’s AirPods Pro earphones, and is the highest level among true wireless noise reduction earphones.

The OPPO Enco Free2 wireless noise-canceling earphones are designed with a low-voltage sense of streamline, so that every curved surface fits gently with the ear.

The weight is as light as 4.4 grams, but it can provide 6.5 hours of playback time, and the noise reduction mode also has 4 hours. Equipped with a charging box, the noise reduction mode is turned off, and the battery can last up to 30 hours.

Enco Free2 wireless noise reduction headphones are based on the next generation of headphones noise reduction technology, equipped with a brand-new three-core noise reduction chip.


Thereby, the noise reduction computing power is greatly improved, and a more tightly integrated noise reduction effect is achieved. Through the cooperation of personalized noise reduction and three-core chip, the maximum noise reduction depth of Free2 can dive to 42dB.

In addition, Enco Free2 wireless noise reduction headphones support personalized noise reduction, providing users with exclusive sound compensation solutions.

It also supports transparent mode. You don’t need to take off the earphones and long press to switch to transparent mode. Friends’ greetings, vehicles on the road, and subway arrival reminders can all be heard.

In terms of sound quality, Enco Free2 wireless noise-canceling headphones are tuned jointly by OPPO and the Nordic Hi-Fi brand Tanner to restore the natural sound.