These are the reactions of people with zodiac signs when their phones fall into the toilet

Aries: Aries people are very strong. They do everything by themselves and never pretend to be with others. The response of Aries’ mobile phone to the toilet is to quickly find something to fish out the mobile phone.

Aquarius: Aquarius people don’t know what they’re thinking about all day, and it feels like a weird flower.

The reaction of the Aquarius mobile phone falling off the toilet is that I knew it would fall, so I should buy a Nokia. I don’t believe it can fall in.

Taurus: The temperaments of Taurus are peaceful, practical and pleasant.

The reaction to the cell phone falling off the toilet is to cry.


Pisces: Pisces often reflects colorful fantasy in his heart, always living in his own impracticality. The reaction of Pisces’ mobile phone falling off the toilet is why I am so unlucky.


Gemini: Gemini personality will be a bit extreme, like self-deprecating.

They yearn for a unique love. The response of Gemini’s cell phone falling off the toilet is to find someone to borrow a cell phone to take pictures and post a moment.


Scorpio: Scorpio has calm judgment and keen insight.

The reaction of a Scorpio’s cell phone falling into the toilet is what can I do without the cell phone.


Virgo: Virgo people are perfect in detail, very picky, a perfectionist, and tend to love platonic romances.

Virgos are notoriously hygienic, so they don’t play with mobile phones in the bathroom.


Libra: Libra girls like to be alone. They will hang on their mouths all day long. After Libra’s mobile phone fall into the toilet. Whether to pick it up or not, it feels too disgusting.


Leo: Leo is a hero, very good at manipulating the atmosphere and mood of the scene.

The reaction of Leo’s cell phone falling into the toilet is how arrogant and arrogant they would go to the toilet to pick up the cell phone.


Capricorn: Capricorn wants to have a reliable material guarantee for his life.

The reaction of Capricorn’s phones falling into the toilet is that they will pick it out very easily, and fortunately they are not stained with feces.


Sagittarius: Sagittarius likes beautiful things, and often does what he likes to do voluntarily.

The reaction of the Sagittarius’ phones falling into the toilet is that they look at the phone very calmly, and buy another one after all.



When a Cancer is pursuing a spouse, he will listen to his spouse. It is the kind of self-lost.

The response of a Cancer person’s cell phone falling into the toilet is to find a plastic bag and put it in his hand to pick it out.