This must be the coolest keyboard ever! Angry Miao released CYBERBOARD Le Smoking

Angry Miao Technology officially released the CYBERBORAD series of new-generation products CYBERBOARD Le Smoking on May 27, 2021. Not only has it fully upgraded in terms of performance and structural details, but it has also borrowed the collision design element from Saint Laurent’s Le Smoking suit.

Undoubtedly, this is another keyboard masterpiece that breaks through the limitations of existing technology and has a very unique personality. The official retail price of this series of products is CNY3700 and CNY4300 in two gears.


CYBERBOARD R2 is inspired by Saint Laurent’s classic single suit Le Smoking. This piece was originally a symbol of women’s independence. In the era of Hedi Slimane, with his iconic thin tailoring, metal lanyards, and Chelsea boots, it has been recreated back to the man. All Black is cool. At the same time, the contrast of the bright fog of different materials adds more texture and details, showing the rebellion of rock and roll.


To highlight the bright surface effect to the greatest extent, in the polishing process, the aluminum ingot frame on the front of the keyboard is formed by CNC, sandblasted, and several complex polishing processes, and then deposited by a PVD vacuum furnace, finally showing a bright and brilliant mirror texture.


On the side, a delicate and layered frosted spraying process is used to create a low-key and high-level frosted texture, which collides with the front, forming a wonderful visual conflict. This combination of bright and matte design is a tribute to Le Smoking’s cross-age design.


The bright matte surface is used in the processing technology of the keyboard aluminum alloy. Before CYBERBOARD Le Smoking was launched, it was unimaginable in the entire technology and electronics industry. The matte surface sandblasting + mirror polishing must ensure the uniformity and feel of the sandblasted surface, and to achieve a real high-brightness mirror, it is a test for every detail of the production process. According to the current technical level, it is not 100% perfect. Therefore, in the actual production process, there may still be small defects such as white spots and different colors on the bottom shell. The new PVD direct plating process brings an unprecedented bright mirror experience but also brings some subtle costs that have to be endured.

In addition to the amazing color craftsmanship, another highlight of CYBERBOARD Le Smoking is Gasket Mount. This new upgrade has greatly improved the feel and sound of CYBERBOARD, and the collision between the fingertips and the shaft is more comfortable.


At the same time, the new positioning plate has also undergone multiple rounds of optimization and hollowing out of the leaf spring structure, reducing resonance, making the hand feel more elastic and the sound much purer.

In addition to the upgrade of the Gasket structure and the new bright matte design, the DIY lighting effect that users have been paying attention to has also been interestingly upgraded.

First of all, in terms of LED light boards, Le Smoking’s DIY lighting effect slots have been increased from the original one to three, which greatly enhances the user’s creative flexibility. At the same time, it adds the key-light linkage function, the newly upgraded RGB hardware and 256 Class-level DC dimming bring a higher refresh rate and stronger color performance. Every time you tap, there is unique DIY fun.


In addition, this upgrade removes the physical dual-mode switch and realizes seamless switching between Bluetooth and wireless. For European users, a soldering PCB has been added as an additional option, which provides additional options for users who use ISO configuration.

What do you think of this cool keyboard from Angry Miao?