Three flagship phones’ cameras battle! Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is absolutely the winner!

Many users can’t help comparing the triple-camera iPhone 11 with the Huawei mobile phones released at the same time. Then the problem is coming, because considering that the new Huawei Mate30 series comes with a cine lens that is too powerful, this time, we changed to compare the photos of Huawei P30 Pro and iPhone11 Pro Max. 


In comparison, the media commented that the Huawei P30 Pro is the best Android Beast for taking pictures in the most half of 2019. It has four rear cameras with a stunning 5x optical zoom, and the P30 Pro’s ultra-wide-angle lens is earlier than the new iPhone11 series, so Huawei scores first in creativity.

The iPhone11 Pro Max has upgraded the rear three cameras and supports 4K/60 frame shooting and night scene shooting. Compared with the 5x optical zoom of the Huawei P30 Pro, the iPhone11 Pro Max only has 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom, which is trying to narrow the gap between Huawei and Huawei’s photographic effects. So in terms of features, Huawei is still ahead.

Next, let’s take a look at the comparisons of food, outdoor scenes, night scenes, and portraits taken by iPhone11 Pro Max and Huawei P30 Pro mobile phones:


iPhone11 Pro Max and Huawei P30 Pro shooting food comparison


iPhone11 Pro Max and Huawei P30 Pro location shooting comparison


iPhone11 Pro Max and Huawei P30 Pro night shooting comparison


iPhone11 Pro Max and Huawei P30 Pro portrait shooting comparison 

After comparing the above several photos, from night mode to portrait shooting, the media commented that the basic difference between the two phones is that iPhone11 Pro Max tries to reproduce what the human eye sees, while the Huawei P30 Pro tries to improve what the human eye sees. But I have to admit that the color of the photos taken by the iPhone 11 Pro Max is yellow, and the night scene shooting is still not very strong. In contrast, the Huawei P30 Pro does an amazing performance in the night shooting effect, with powerful optics. The system makes the night scene like daylight, and this kind of strength surprises people a lot.

Do you think that’s it? No! Here comes the Mi 11 Ultra!

Friends who know the Xiaomi 11 Ultra know that the three rear cameras of this phone have reached the main camera level, and they have excellent performance when shooting various blockbusters. Among them, its wide-angle main camera uses the industry’s largest bottom sensor GN2, with the night owl algorithm, the light sensitivity is extraordinary. In the extremely dark environment at night, you can also shoot clear and low-noise high-quality movies.

The telephoto and ultra-wide angle both use the main camera-level Sony IMX586 sensor, which supports 120X ultra-telephoto and 128° ultra-wide-angle shooting, which is unique in large scenes or distant animal shooting. In addition, all three lenses support 8K ultra-definition shooting, and the sharpness is not worse than that of professional cameras.

Let’s check out some awesome photos taken by Mi 11 Ultra.





So we have the winner here!