Throw away the clothes rod! Xiaomi Mijia clothes dryer will be on sale tomorrow

On March 25th, Xiaomi will bring a new home appliance product-Mijia clothes dryer. The original price is CNY3599 and the initial price is CNY2999.

The Mijia clothes dryer adopts heat pump drying, and the clothes are dried and put on immediately, without fear of haze, wind and rain, you can get rid of the restrictions of the drying environment and enjoy the sunshine life comfortably.

It can match the temperature curve according to the design of clothing material, weight, etc., realize low-temperature intelligent drying of different programs, make clothing more fluffy, and avoid dry and hard deformation.

At the same time, Mijia clothes dryer 10Kg supports 22 drying modes to fully care for different clothes. The drying mode supports dual upgrades of MCU and Wi-Fi, and can be continuously updated according to user feedback.

At the same time, the built-in intelligent forward and reverse algorithm can effectively reduce the entanglement of clothes, and large items can also be dried. 10kg large capacity, 118L super large inner tube, meet the daily needs of a family of 4 people, 574mm inner tube diameter, large clothes can be dried at any time without drying.

It also supports ironing, ready-to-wear, and storage with 3 levels of dry clothes adjustment, and has a wrinkle-resistant function. After drying, the inner tube is rotated intermittently to shake the clothes to avoid wrinkles, and the clothes are dried to protect the clothes.

A small amount of daily clothes (such as chemical fiber blended shirts, etc.) after dehydration can be quickly dried in 35 minutes, and you can wear them comfortably without waiting too much.

Taking into account different usage scenarios, Mijia clothes dryer, in addition to external water outlet drainage, at the same time has the built-in large-capacity water storage box to store water, even in the living room without water or balcony , it can be installed and used at will.

The dryer is connected to the Mijia APP at the same time to keep track of the drying situation anytime and anywhere, and can also use jackets, four-piece suits, etc. to expand the drying mode and custom functions.