Under-screen lens? Naive! Galaxy S22 still uses a hole-digging screen

Samsung Galaxy S22 is expected to provide two versions of processor models as before. For the European market, it will sell the version equipped with the Exynos 2200 processor, while the US market will be the Snapdragon 895 processor (name tentative) version.

As the strongest representative of the Android camp, Samsung’s first flagship in 2022 represents the standard of the flagship model of the Android camp.

In addition to the regular upgrades in performance, shooting, and systems of the Galaxy S22, the shape of the Galaxy S22 is also the focus of attention.

It was previously reported that Samsung Galaxy S22 will be equipped with under-screen lens technology.

However, the rumor has recently been overturned, saying that Samsung Galaxy S22 still continues the hole-digging screen design.


According to the report, it is understood that Samsung’s abandoning the use of under-screen lens technology on the Samsung Galaxy S22 is mainly because it is not satisfied with the imaging effect of the current under-screen lens.

As Samsung’s first year masterpiece, its shooting performance must not be sloppy.

It is worth mentioning that Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is still very likely to use off-screen lens technology to achieve a full-screen design.

But in order to make up for the poor imaging of the lens, a selfie lens was also equipped for it.

According to the previous release plan, Samsung Galaxy S22 will be released around February 2022, and several models are expected to be announced together at the conference.