Unlock more ironing postures-Mijia pressurized steamer

Speaking of the steamer, we are all familiar with it. It is almost a necessary small appliance in every family. Ironing folded clothes before going out has become a daily routine for every office worker.With the increasing progress of science and technology, the daily articles around us are also undergoing earth-shaking innovation, from a few years ago, the steamer appeared in our sight, until today, after many upgrades and iterations of this kind of products, Mijia will add more black technology into it, giving it strong performance.



First of all, let’s take a look at the most intuitive innovative design: ironing board can easily change the elevation angle (0°-90°) to achieve the operation of hanging ironing, oblique ironing and flat ironing.


Release the locking mechanism on the bracket to customize the angle of ironing board, which is located in the oblique ironing form of 45°. Oblique ironing is suitable for the operation of non-clip ironing of trousers or skirts that cannot be ironed.


The third form is flat ironing. In all ironing methods, the traditional electric iron with heavy ironing plate’s effect is the best, the Mijia steamer has the function of flat ironing at the same time through changing the ironing board angle, the flat ironing state is the most suitable for fine ironing and clothing plastic operation.


The new Mijia pressurized steamer adopts the ironing head with grip induction function. The steam will automatically stop when the hand leaves the ironing head to avoid scalding skin and clothes. There is no need to press the switch frequently during changing clothes to operate and stop, and the steam will automatically come out when the handle is held again.


The metal panel surface of the ironing head is coated with ceramic glaze, which can provide secondary heating at 145℃ and reduce the condensed water, so that the clothes can be uniformly heated, the contact surface is very smooth, and the push on the clothes is very smooth as well.


A special cleaning brush for woollen cloth is also included. It is suitable for non-contact ironing of sweaters and woolen coats. It is also easy to assemble.


Because the switch is integrated on the ironing head, and the functions of holding induction and automatic shutdown are added, the power switch is not set on the bottom of host machine, which also means that we can operate all functions of the ironing machine without bending down.


Before use, we need to fill the water tank. The water tank of this Mijiar pressurized steamer has a capacity of 2L. After filling, it can be used for continuous ironing of more than 10 pieces of clothing, and continuous steam output can be up to 40 minutes.


The connection between the tank and the machine is provided with a one-way valve and a strainer, so that the water will not overflow when the tank is disassembled and installed.The water inlet of the main engine is also equipped with a water temperature sensor to realize intelligent dynamic water intake control. The change of indoor temperature or water temperature will not affect the steam temperature, so as to ensure the stable high-temperature steam can still be produced under low temperature environment.


Transparent water tank allows us to control the amount of water added easily.



After adding water, the power can be switched on for use. The input voltage is 220V, the maximum power is 2200W, and the length of the wire is sufficient.


Press the switch to start the machine. It can be seen from the LED status indicator that the machine will output the lowest gear by default after starting the machine. The preheating process is about 30 seconds.


When the machine is on, press the button of gear to switch between 1, 2 and 3. The LED status indicator will change accordingly to prompt the gear.


In addition to the above 1, 2 and 3 gear switch cycle, the Mijia steamer provides a “steam boost” mode, this function is similar to turbo charging mode, long press the switch key in any gear for 3 seconds can activate “steam boost” mode, the machine will with full power output the maximum amount of steam, the temperature as high as 135 ℃, duration to 6 seconds.Mainly used for deep pressing deep clothes creases.



The ironing board of Mijia pressurized steamer can easily switch angles and cooperate with the strong output performance above, so that the ironing machine can have more ironing scenes and functions.Just gently slide over the garment and the steam instantly softens the fibers, smoothing out the wrinkles.