Why is my Apple Pencil not working? Here’s how to fix it

The Apple Pencil is the best stylus you can use with your iPad, but unfortunately, nothing is perfect, even the Apple Pencil. Maybe you find yourself in the process of sketching or taking notes, and suddenly, your pen strokes do not appear on the screen. You may wonder that why is my Apple Pencil not working?

We have summarized four reasons why Apple Pencil may stop working and steps to solve the problem. Some of these reasons may seem obvious, but others are less obvious. Fortunately, most Apple Pencil problems can be solved without going to the Genius Bar.


We believe that the iPad Pro is one of the best graphics tablets you can buy. The great experience of drawing with Apple Pencil is one of the many reasons we think so. Therefore, it is very important to make your Apple Pencil work normally again, and we are here to help you.

Why is my Apple Pencil not working: Charging problems

Your Apple Pencil may have stopped working because it ran out of juice. Fortunately, this is easy to infer-check the “Today View” on the iPad to see how much battery Apple Pencil has left.

How you charge your Apple Pencil varies between models. If you have a first-generation Apple Pencil, plug it into your iPad’s Lightning connector or via USB with the Apple Pencil Charging Adapter. A second-generation Apple Pencil, meanwhile, can charge when you attach it to the magnetic connector on your iPad.


Why is my Apple Pencil not working: Pairing problems

Your Apple Pencil may not be paired with the iPad. Check the iPad’s Bluetooth settings to confirm this. If your iPad’s Bluetooth is enabled, please continue to pair your Apple Pencil again.

To pair the first-generation Apple Pencil, simply plug it into the iPad through the Lightning connector, and you will be prompted whether you want to pair. If you have a second-generation Apple Pencil, just connect it to the magnetic connector on the iPad to pair it.

Why is my Apple Pencil not working: Nib problems

The quality of the tip of your Apple Pencil (also called the nib) can hinder your ability to draw properly on your iPad. The Apple Pencil’s nib is loose – which means you’ll just have to tighten it. However, if the Apple Pencil nib feels rough to the touch, or it doesn’t glide smoothly on your iPad screen, it’s time to replace it with a new one. (Another way to tell: your Apple Pencil tip has exposed metal.)

The first-generation Apple Pencil comes with one replacement tip, but the second-generation Apple Pencil doesn’t include any spare nibs at all. Fortunately, you can purchase a replacement pack of Apple Pencil tips so you’ll always be ready to replace the nib when needed.


Why is my Apple Pencil not working: Compatibility problems

Your Apple Pencil is properly paired, fully charged, and has a fresh nib, but it’s still not working. In this case, it could be a compatibility issue with the app you’re using. Double-check that the drawing or note-taking app you plan to use can support the Apple Pencil – especially if it’s an app you have to pay for. 

Beyond that, your Apple Pencil may not work with your hardware. Check to see if your iPad is compatible. 

I hope these tips could help you.