With the performance of HP X360 14, you can realize your dream of becoming a Sultan!

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is one of the leading laptop manufacturers and has released many of the coolest laptop products, from HP Pavilion games to Spectre series. This year, HP released another new Spectre series notebook computer, called HP Spectre X360 14, its main specification is 11.17 1165G7 Tiger Lake Intel Core engine.

The screen ratio of 3:2 makes the work area more spacious. HP Spectre X360 14 also has EVO certification. The RAM capacity is 16GB LPDDR4, X4266 MHZ, and there are already 2 channels. With large storage capacity and the latest 11th generation Intelcore engine, it can really help online marketers (such as content creators, gamers, and writers) carry out activities using a thin and light laptop that is portable and portable.


What if I have such a compact laptop? Of course, working with HP Spectre X360 14 can further improve work efficiency and creativity.

As a writer, I need a lot of inspiration when looking for ideas. One of them is reading, watching short videos and conducting research. Hp Spectre X360 14 supports this very much because it has a touch screen resolution of 3k pixels (60hz). Surprisingly, even if it opens multiple tabs on one screen, there is no problem at all. In addition, the vertically installed screen makes the work space more flexible.

Making promotional videos is very cool and very supportive of this laptop. Because 100% DCI-P3 supports 400 nits OLED panel. Supporting HDR and VESA, the display control software can set the profile color for those who are lazy to change. There are also default, web, (Srgb), printing and imaging (adobe RGB), photo and video (DCI-P3) options.

The device is equipped with an auto-focus mode, which will maintain a bright application window when activated. Although the background will darken, it is really cool performance for me, because not all screens have to be on it, which can also save battery usage.


The elegant and super luxurious body design is decorated with light black aluminum and copper. It is 29.8 cm long, 22.01 cm wide, and weighs 1.69 kg. Wow, this is really an awesome laptop. With the typical HP Spectre design of Gem Cut, these Corner Cuts are really cool.

As a 2-in-1 convertible laptop, HP Spectre X360 14 can be used as a tablet. For those who like to illustrate cartoon characters or drawings, you can use this laptop anywhere. The screen surface is smooth and uses anti-reflective Corning Gorilla Glass. Can reduce the eye-safe dazzling effect and anti-scratch.

For those who like to work while playing music, HP Spectre has Bang & Olusen audio, which is equipped with 4 speakers. 2 speakers face the user directly, 2 speakers face the user surface, using 4 speakers, you can feel the clarity of the sound, especially when placed on a table.

At the same time, for light game performance, we take Genshin Impact game version 1.2 (1920x1080p) as an example. The quality of the settings is low. The gender ratio at 1.0 remains stable at 60fps even if it drops to 56 fps, which has nothing to do with e-sports games.

As for the toughest games that require fast processors. We take the 1920×1080 high-quality gaming assassin green screen Valhala as an example, plus our external GPU can be stabilized at 40-50fps.

For the performance of the notebook computer, it is important that in addition to the specifications of the Intelcore engine and RAM, the battery and the adapter charger, the cooling system is also very worthy of attention. Especially for those who like to surf for hours and spend time reading and watching videos.

Spectre X360 14 Hp has a battery capacity of 66.52wh, which is the endurance of surfing on Chrome-+ 9 hours and 11 hours of watching videos. This is really cool, incredible battery strength, even if it is to be fully charged, we have to wait 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The cooling system is suitable for thin, cool laptops, such as HP Spectre X360 14, which is equipped with 3 heat pipes and 2 cooling fans under the laptop.

Therefore, when you use a large number of applications, the notebook computer will continue to improve its own performance, so as to continue to maintain the best performance.