WOWSTICK manual screwdriver “beautiful and durable”


Screwdriver is a daily tool in the family. We often use it. I have no other requirements for this tool. It is easy to use. To be honest, I am a person who likes to toss since I was young. Driven by curiosity, I disassembled the electronic equipment to find out. Until now I have not been able to get rid of this habit, so a set of useful tools is very important. When I bought tools before I didn’t consider too much, and I bought the high-selling ones directly, which caused some tools to have a bad experience in using. Frequent crumbles and frayed nuts. I always wanted to buy a suit from a certain flag. The result was a coincidence. , I saw an electric screwdriver from WOWSTICK. After the hands-on experience, I felt very comfortable. This time I saw a new product, which is the next thing I will see. After actual use, I have some experience. Share with everyone.



To be honest, I am used to Mijia Youpin’s products. For this simple, small and fresh packaging, there is a natural good impression. The WOWSTICK manual screwdriver is packed in a black box with the image of the screwdriver printed on the front. It feels quite good. There is Bigger.



The corresponding parameters and specifications of this screwdriver are printed on the back of the box. As you can see from the side, this is a tool set consisting of two handles, one large and one small.



The WOWSTICK manual screwdriver is packaged in a box. After opening, there is a white plastic storage box for our daily storage and carrying. Two handles, one large and one small, plus 10 bits. In fact, this screwdriver has a total of 20 A batch head, the 10 batch heads in the box are on the small handle, and the big handle bit is in the magnetic absorption bin at the end of the handle.


In fact, I quite like WOWSTICK’s large and small design. The big one is for some daily use, and the small one is for the disassembly and assembly of some small objects. It is more suitable for different use environments and matching different handles.


Friends who use a screwdriver must have encountered the bit breakage, which is the situation in the picture. This is due to the material of the bit. This is the screwdriver I used before, all of which are made of CRV. It can be seen that the bit of one of the bits has been broken. It is recommended that when buying screwdriver tools, try to choose a screwdriver with a bit such as S2 alloy steel. This bit has toughness and hardness. , Impact resistance and corrosion resistance are better, and the service life will be longer. More importantly, it will not directly grind the nut when screwing the screw due to insufficient hardness, which will cause the screw to be scrapped. Can’t screw it down.



The WOWSTICK screwdriver is equipped with 20 commonly used bits, all of which are made of S2 alloy steel, and each bit is marked with the material and corresponding specifications.


All the bits are magnetic, which is helpful when screwing the screws, and when the bits are installed, the bits will automatically be attached to the handle.



Because the small handle has a limited cavity, the batch heads are stored separately. The large handle adds such a magnetic absorption container directly to the tail, but the magnetic absorption container and the handle are fixed by the rubber ring in the picture. I know if it is not tightly fixed due to the aging of the material after a long time of use. It may be better if the screw is used. It is estimated that the designer considers the convenience of opening.



The design of this screwdriver is clean and neat, the handle is cut and polished without any flaws, the anodized surface feels fine, the overall round design, the grip is suitable for the hand, may be due to the consideration of non-slip handle, there is a part of this on the handle Flat design, with product LOGO printed on it. In actual use, it does help to prevent slippage. I have sweaty hands and sweat easily. It still appears when I tighten some large screws that are too tight. The phenomenon of hand slippage, but in most cases it is no problem, so it is recommended that the official consider adding a small accessory such as a non-slip sleeve to the handle.



The two handles of the screwdriver are designed with just the right length and the size is also moderate, and the grip is indeed much better than ordinary screwdrivers. However, the problem with the all-metal design is that if the dry season like winter is relatively dry, remove some When it comes to precision electronic equipment, beware of static electricity.


The small screwdriver is close to the size of a pen. It’s no wonder that there is a natural intimacy. Although it has been a long time since I wrote with a pen, I occasionally use a screwdriver, as if holding a pen and wanting to work hard. The feeling of being sick, the feeling that you always want to take apart something…



In actual use, I found that the smallest bits may be due to limitations in heat treatment technology and the hardness is not up to standard? There is a roll mouth, but the big one has not been found for the time being. In addition, it is recommended to consider equipped with an extension rod. In some usage scenarios, it is surprisingly effective.

to sum up:


The tool itself is designed for “use”. If you can take into account the appearance on the basis of practicality, I believe it will be more favored by users. At this point, WOWSTICK is successful, not only the design of this manual screwdriver is remarkable, Including several other electric screwdrivers in the family, the design is very literary and fresh. When it comes to this screwdriver itself, the comfort and workmanship of the handle are nothing to say, the coverage of the bit is also sufficient, and the storage design is also very clever. It would be perfect if you can add a non-slip attachment with the handle and improve the craftsmanship of the next bit in the future. Generally speaking, this screwdriver is a personal favorite and the price is moderate.