Xiaomi gets the shoot-moon patent after Huawei

Huawei just obtained a patent authorization for “a method and electronic device for photographing the moon” last month, and it is clear that shooting on Huawei mobile phones in the future will become a top priority.

It didn’t make the market wait too long. Recently, Xiaomi has also obtained the “moon shooting patent authorization”.

According to Tianyancha, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Cable Co., Ltd. has obtained the patent authorization of “shooting method, device, terminal and readable storage medium”.
The abstract shows that the patent authorization belongs to the field of image processing, including starting the moon shooting mode in the shooting program, and adjusting the shooting parameters in the shooting program to the shooting parameters corresponding to the moon mode.

Since the moon shooting mode has corresponding shooting parameters instead of the shooting parameters automatically generated by the Auto mode, a moon image with better image quality can be captured, thus solving the problem that the Auto mode suitable for portraits or surrounding scenes cannot be adjusted to the appropriate shooting parameters. resulting in poor image quality.

To put it bluntly, Xiaomi has obtained a complete set of methods for shooting the moon. If other manufacturers want to compare the shooting results of Xiaomi, they must use the same method to shoot.