Xiaomi launched the purple electric-toothbrush, which is perfect match with the purple iPhone

Oclean X Pro is not Oclean’s first artificial intelligence sonic toothbrush. This company specializing in dental health products has already launched many sonic toothbrush series before.

As the name suggests, the Oclean X Pro is an enhanced version of the well-received Oclean X. At that time, Oclean X, a toothbrush with a touch color screen, made everyone’s eyes shine.

So what is the difference with the new Oclean X Pro this time?

In addition to bringing new colors, this time Oclean X Pro has a higher motor performance, increasing the frequency from 40,000 rpm to 42,000 rpm, and vibrating at a higher speed to remove impact tooth stains.


The previously acclaimed functions have also continued. For example, you can choose the cleaning intensity from 1 to 32 to get a clean and comfortable brushing experience.

Maximum torque 220gf brings higher output and sweeps plaque vigorously


The suspension magnetic design saves space and avoids damage to the charging port due to the humid toilet environment.

The lightweight body can be fully charged in just 2 hours and can bring 30 days of long battery life

The newly developed software and UI design allow users to directly touch the desired functions on the screen. Although the graphical interface functions are many but clear, it brings a better experience.

The result of brushing can be seen directly through the screen of the fuselage and the App. The screen directly reads the detection result of the blind spot with a tooth-like reminder. A more intuitive display allows users to really brush their teeth.