World premiere of Mi 11Pro/Mi 11 Ultra, which is with GN2, IP68, and 120X zoom

The top high-end flagship phone Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra is released.

On top of the Mi 11 Pro, the Mi 11 Ultra still has Samsung’s GN2 main camera and an upgraded auxiliary lens. It has 8K full-focus lens, 120x submersible telephoto lens and 128° ultra-wide angle lens, making it the most powerful camera system.


It is worth noting that Mi 11 Ultra is expected to support a native 10-bit color depth display, capable of presenting up to 1.07 billion colors, which is 64 times the common 8-bit color depth and can present a richer picture color.

This also means that Xiaomi 11 Ultra will be equipped with a top-notch OLED display.

Earlier news broke that Mi 11 Ultra will inherit the screen parameters of the standard version, equipped with a 6.81-inch 2K quad-curved screen, with a resolution of 3200×1440, a pixel density of up to 515PPI, support for 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz touch sampling rate and DCI-P3 color Domain display, with a peak brightness of 1500nit, it refreshed DisplayMate’s 13 records and is currently one of the top screens in the industry.


In addition, according to the recent official warm-up of Xiaomi, Xiaomi 11 Ultra is equipped with a number of innovative technologies in addition to the top core and screen, including the industry’s first super fast-charging silicon-oxygen negative battery and liquid lens.

Among them, the liquid lens is a magical innovation, just like the “human eye lens is installed in the lens of a mobile phone, which wraps the flowable liquid through a film, replacing the traditional optical lens, and realizes the change of focal length and focus. In this way, a lens can be microscopic at a close distance and can be telephoto at a far distance.

The Mi 11 Ultra can precisely control the liquid spherical shape through the motor to achieve precise and fast focusing. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high light transmittance, ultra-low dispersion, and extreme environment resistance, bringing the most powerful imaging system in Xiaomi’s history, which is worth looking forward to.


In terms of price, there are three capacity versions of Mi 11 Pro, 8GB RAM+128GB storage is priced at ¥4,999 (around $761), 8GB RAM+256GB storage is preced at ¥5299 (around $807), and 12GB RAM+256GB storage is priced at ¥5699 (around $867). Mi 11 Ultra, which has the ultimate video experience, also has three capacity versions. 8GB RAM+256GB storage is priced at ¥5999 (around $913), 12GB RAM+256GB storage is priced at ¥6499 (around $989), and 12GB RAM+512GB storage is priced at ¥6999 (around $1065).