Xiaomi Mix Fold-the most powerful fold phone so far

On December 30th, xiaomiui.net exposed the patent of Xiaomi MIX FOLD folding screen series. The patent shows that the Mi MIX FOLD series folding screen supports a stylus, and this pen can be attached to the phone like an iPad.

As we all know, Apple’s new iPad has magnetic contacts on the side, and the Apple Pencil stylus can be attached to the iPad. It is expected that the Mi MIX FOLD folding screen series will also adopt a similar solution to achieve stylus attachment.

It is reported that the folding screen pointed to by the patent is Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2, and the new product is expected to debut in 2022.


Mi MIX FOLD folding screen exposure: the stylus can be automatically attached to the phone like an iPad

Earlier news revealed that one of the biggest upgrade points of Mi MIX FOLD 2 is the screen. This time, both the internal and external screens of Mi MIX FOLD 2 will support high refresh rates. PS: The internal screen of Mi MIX FOLD has a refresh rate of 60Hz.

In addition, Xiaomi MIX FOLD 2 is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 platform. The chip is based on Samsung’s 4nm process. The CPU frequency is up to 3.0GHz and the Adreno 730 GPU is integrated. AnTuTu’s overall score has exceeded 1 million points. This will be the performance so far. The most powerful MIX series of products.


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