Xiaomi Youpin has launched a lamp with a clock and wireless fast charger

Recently, Xiaomi YOUPIN has launched a bedside lamp with a clock and wireless fast-charger, which is simply omnipotent!


As the name suggests, it has the function of a bedside lamp, a wireless fast charging charger, and a clock. It has a 10W high-power charging function, the mobile phone can automatically recognize its charging function, compatible with ISO and Android systems, bid farewell to wired constraints.


It has an ultra-sensitive identification system, even if your phone wears a phone case, you can still charge it without failure. The FOD intelligent metal foreign body recognition function can automatically cut off wireless charging, and indicator light flashes until the foreign body is removed.


In terms of lighting, this lamp has 48 LED lamp posts, the soft light is warm and comfortable. Three levels of dimming can be switched freely, which ensures you choose your own light.

The digital clock is very silent. You can say goodbye to the ticking sound of the mechanical clock. The brightness of the LED LCD screen can be adjusted at any time, so there is no need to worry about being disturbed by light. The alarm clock function can intimately wake you up every morning, click the smart setting to sleep more than 10 minutes, it’s very suitable for lazy people!