YC Onion factory energy stick experience sharing

What I will share with you today is the onion factory energy stick @YC Onion, this is a small stick lamp, this lamp has two versions, one is the basic version, the other is the APP intelligent control model, the color rendering index is 98 , With RGB color mode, hue 0-360º, saturation 0-100%, brightness 0-100%, color temperature mode 3200k-6500k, providing more practicality


Family portrait

The dyeing effect is great, you can create your own small theater, 20 levels of tone compensation, press the function dial to switch to adjust the red and green compensation, with special effects mode, a total of 14 special effects presets, lightning mode, cold light breathing light mode, warm light breathing Light mode, color cycle, etc.


The back display shows chroma and brightness

The playability is very high. Using APP can easily control the lights, but only the smart model can be used. The separate battery design, 2600mAh lithium battery has a strong endurance, not only can be directly charged, but also the battery can be replaced, which provides more possibilities for shooting


Gave a storage bag

It has a type-c interface, which can be charged directly and lasts without electricity. The end can be spliced ​​structure design, a variety of combinations of lights are infinitely happy,


I really love magenta

You can also purchase additional grids for more convenient light control, as well as honeycombs to choose from. The built-in magnet can be used with pasted patches to distribute light at any position.


Even dyeing effect

Highlight recommendation:

APP control enhances greater convenience

The battery is detachable and type-c rechargeable, adding more battery life


Accurate color reproduction

Can be spliced, more gameplay and fun
accessories include honeycombs and grids, which enhance a lot of professionalism.
Built-in magnets can be used for lighting at any position


RGB monochrome effect soft


After using it for a period of time, this stick light is very easy to use, especially when scanning, it can sweep the bright strips on the edge of the product, which is not possible with square lights, and the fill light area is also large. The dyeing effect is good, the RGB preset mode can shoot a variety of styles of video,


Red and blue effects alternate

Whether it is product still life photography supplement light or portrait photography supplement light, it can be competent. This stick light is very light and easy to carry around. At the same time, it has a good battery life. Whether it is an external power bank or a few more batteries, it can fill the light for longer and make shooting easier.


Red and blue effects alternate