You deserve to have the best controller of Apple HomeKit–Wemo Stage Scene Controller

Wemo, a smart home brand under Belkin, specializes in switching products. The latest one is a wireless controller called Stage Scene Controller.

Its appearance is like a normal Wi-Fi light control, but its main function is to preset the scenes of the Apple home, allowing users to activate up to six sets of scenes with a combination of long and short presses and three buttons.

Therefore, the Stage Scene Controller does not only control the brightness of the bulb, it can also be linked with other HomeKit products, such as closing the curtains and turning on the air conditioner.


The Stage Scene Controller will be accompanied by an adhesive panel, allowing users to stick it on the wall and use it as a general switch. The controller has a magnetic force that can be attracted to the panel and is also easy to take out.

In use, Stage Scene Controller uses Bluetooth to connect to iOS devices, but Belkin also plans to support the new Thread unified gateway protocol in the future.