You find the world is very noisy when you take it off-SONY-WI 1000X



First let’s talk about the sound quality, the overall sound quality of HIFI is pretty good. The noise reduction is the key point. If you haven’t tried a higher device like HiFi before, the sound quality of this headphones is definitely enough. The low frequency drumming is sufficient but there is no better bass effect, so I think it is not very appropriate to listen to electric sound music.The mid frequency aspect sounds very good, the vocal part is very clear. The high frequency aspect is more standard.

Personally, I think the sound quality positioning of this earphone is more suitable for some songs that are more quiet.And the noise-canceling effect of the headphones allows you to listen to music in noisy environments by turning the volume down, rather than turning it up at full volume.


The battery life is very good, after more than a year of use, there is no obvious battery life shrinkage problem, and 10 hours of battery life is very impressive. In terms of noise reduction, this aspect is the same as what I wrote in the title. You may feel nothing when you put it on directly, but only after you take it off will you find that the noise reduction is so good.On the bus or subway, you can hear the music without the volume being turned up, which is something that is hard to do for those are not noise-canceling headphones.