Your bathroom is only one step away from being practical and efficient by a bathroom mirror singapore

With the improvement of living standards, we began to pursue the quality of life, the requirements of the bathroom mirror from the simple mirror function to multifunctional and intelligent.Then, it appeared many upgrade version bathroom mirrors.


Parcel shelf mirror

It adds an open laminate to the original mirror.One side for the mirror and the other side for the floor plate.Usually with mirror as the main, the layer board occupies the small space.


The upper part is the mirror and the lower part is the layer plate.Single layer design, the height of the collection and placement of items is limited by the height.


The open design of the mirror with layer can effectively receive sundries on the bathroom counter, and it is very convenient to put things by hand.


The mirror cabinet has become the mainstream of the current market.Mirror cabinet is common on the design much of two design modes, which are half open and whole enclosed.


Mirror cabinet

Half open mode mirror cabinet uses the design of part closed and part open.



The mirror cabinet of half open mode was wider than layer board mirror on receiving space, Compare with enclosed mirror cabinet, it wins in taking out content conveniently, but it still exists collecting ash problem. The half open mode mirror cabinet is the combination of the other two.



Enclosed mirror cabinet can receive all sundry to hide in the cupboard that behind the mirror, making the whole clean and neat, and the space that closes completely cut off the accumulation of dust, making the follow-up cleanness convenient.


Intelligent mirror cabinet

According to the needs of users and the designer’s innovation, mirror cabinet s not only with the mirror and storage functions, but also developed with light, defogging, charging and other functions. Mirror cabinet with lights is generally designed into mirror headlights or light belts around the mirror body with soft lighting effect. It is with intelligent touch button control to open and close, which is easy to use and friendly, high-definition upgraded as well.


We’ve all had the experience of having a shower and finding a layer of water vapor on the mirror and a hazy reflection as well.When you take a shower, there is a lot of hot steam in the bathroom. When the steam meets the cold mirror, it will be liquefied into small drops of water, that is, the fog formed on the mirror. Therefore, the defogging function of the mirror cabinet is aimed at the principle of liquefaction. The heating mode is added on the back panel of the mirror to improve the mirror temperature, and the water vapor in the air will no longer liquefy and condense, ensuring that it can be reflected at any time.


The small electric equipment that being used in the bathroom is not little also, so the mirror cabinet is built inside with charge socket, making the charging more convenient and easier.