2021 iPad purchase guide! How to choose the iPad according to different purposes?

iPad 8 (2020): You can take online lessons, write notes, and watch TV shows.

The main groups of iPad 8 are those who use iPad to watch dramas and entertain, and students who use iPad to realize paperless learning, learn online lessons, take notes, and entertain and chase dramas.

Relatively low price, supports Apple Pencil and is equipped with a suitable screen size.

iPad min 5: You can play games and read books.

The main group is users who use iPad to read, play games or watch TV series.

It has a larger screen and field of view than a mobile phone, a larger and more durable battery, and is deeply loved by gamers.

In addition, compared with the Kindle, it is not only suitable for reading e-books, but also has the complete functions of a tablet: games and entertainment, and online learning.


iPad Air 4: Almighty, very beautiful, and cost-effective.

iPad Air 4 can be said to be an iPad for everyone. What iPad 8 can do, iPad Air4 can do better, using the second-generation Apple Pencil, you can also draw wonderful works.

If you want light work and productivity, there are Magic Keyboard, third-party keyboards, and video editing, which can also handle it.

In addition, it also has a colorful color scheme that Pro does not have.


iPad Pro: Has high performance and high productivity.

iPad Pro is not prepared for ordinary users, but suitable for workers who pursue the ultimate experience or are professional. iPad Pro does not need to replace MacBook, but it can become a powerful auxiliary tool for design, painting, modeling, editing and other tasks.

Of course, if you are pursuing the ultimate gaming performance and the stunning Liquid retina XDR display, there is currently only the iPad Pro (12.9/M1) option.

To sum up:

If you like a small and convenient tablet, there is no other choice than the iPad mini 5.

If you like a moderate screen size, a limited budget, and low performance requirements, choosing iPad 8 (2020) is enough.

If you like different color appearance, screen requirements, higher performance, and a certain budget, the all-round iPad Air 4 is a good choice.

If you are pursuing the ultimate screen quality, performance, and scalability, the 11 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro is currently the best choice.