3 tips for taking good portraits on iPhone

1. Make good use of iPhone multi-lens

We often ignore the ultra-wide-angle lens in our daily shooting. You might as well try to shoot with an ultra-wide-angle lens. Not only can it accommodate more images, but it can sometimes achieve unexpected results.

2. Night mode releases blockbusters every minute

The night mode of the iPhone 12 series has been further improved, and I will give you a few tips. You can use the reflection of the ground or specular reflection to take unexpected effects; use portrait mode at night, you can use ambient light, or even artificially create light, to get better night scene photos; night mode does not have to make the subject bright, you can try Interesting forms such as silhouettes.

3. Dolby Vision HDR video shooting

The iPhone 12 series has the first camera system that can shoot Dolby Vision video, jumping from 8-bit to 10-bit HDR video shooting, which can capture up to 700 million colors, and the picture is more natural and vivid.

I hope these tips can help you.