4 main reasons why Facebook still persists and have many users

What is the social media that you use the most right now, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, or even Facebook?

When viewed from the various existing data both in Indonesia and around the world, currently Facebook is still widely used and even more so compared to other social media. Facebook itself was launched in 2005 and reached its peak in around 2008 and 2009. Now, dozens of years have passed since Mark Zuckerberg created this social media, apparently, there are still so many people who use it and it is far from lonely. Facebook is still as far away as Friendster, who died first. So why Facebook can last long?

At least there are several reasons why Facebook is still around and there are still a lot of its enthusiasts in my opinion.

1. Features


The first is features. The features on Facebook can be said to be quite complete, especially after being able to add stories like on Instagram. In addition, there is also a Facebook Messenger feature that allows you to chat quickly with friends who already know each other. Another feature is the privacy option where users can control who can see the status and this is not shared by other social media, including Instagram. In the past, Instagram was able to control who could see our posts, namely for a list of close friends (close friends), but now it can’t and privacy can only be set in story submissions. There is also a feature is a fan page that is able to make everyone interact with each other’s preferred fan page.

2. Groups


The most important factor why Facebook is still around for a long time is that Facebook has a group that can accommodate many people in one community and the same interests. I’m sure 90% of people stay on Facebook because they have a group. This is what makes people feel at home on Facebook. Because users are connected in the same bubble and meet other people with the same interests and preferences. This feature doesn’t even exist in other social media, including Twitter. In groups, people discuss and send information via posts. But on the other hand, groups on Facebook are likely to become a hotbed of hoaxes.

3. Marketplace


In 2016 Facebook launched a marketplace feature that allows its users to buy and sell. The system uses cod like the old Tokyo era. Although vulnerable to fraud, this feature seems to be put to good use by some users who sell goods based on location. In this area, this feature is used by MSME players to sell their products, especially those selling snacks.

4. Easy to use


Another reason is that Facebook is so easy to use for anyone and is not only used to share photos. People can create fan pages for businesses and share news. While Twitter is not suitable for certain people, such as limiting the number of characters and having to create a thread. Or Instagram, where we can’t put live links in posts because Instagram is specifically designed to share photos. Sure, we can share a link on Instagram, but the condition is that our account must have at least 10,000 followers first.


So that’s the discussion, bro. Are there other reasons why Facebook can continue to survive and there are still many users?