Facebook acquires VR fitness software Supernatural

When Facebook renamed itself Meta, it has clearly demonstrated its focus on Metaspace, and its latest acquisition is also part of this effort.

Jason Rubin, the company’s vice president of Metaspace Content, revealed that Meta is acquiring Within, the creator of Supernatural, an immersive virtual reality exercise app for Oculus Quest helmets.

A representative of Within once described Supernatural to Engadget as “part of Beat Saber, part of Dance Dance Revolution, part of Guitar Hero and your entire body.

In a separate announcement (via TechCrunch), Within CEO Chris Milk and fitness director Leanne Pedante said that its coaches, choreographers and managers will continue to be part of the team.

They will independently perform VR fitness experience work for Supernatural under Meta’s reality laboratory.

Although Within will have to be responsible for its new parent company, Milk and Pedante’s statement said that the acquisition will give them more resources, including more music, more features, and more social experiences.

In “Supernatural”, you have to use your controller to hit colorful spheres flying towards you from its various VR environments.

If you hit these balls with enough power, they will shatter, but if you don’t, they will just float away-you will get a score based on your performance in the end.

Supernatural has a 30-day free trial period, after which it will cost $19 per month to continue using it.