Facebook has added a new tool that allows users to have more control on posts

Facebook announced the introduction of some new control measures to users, allowing users to have more control over their experience on the platform.

To put it simply, Facebook will introduce a new tool to restrict users from commenting on public posts, thereby allowing more control over content sharing.

First, Facebook will allow users to control who can comment on their posts. Unlike before, previous Facebook users can control who can see their posts, but there will be no separate comment control.

For example, a Post may be public, but only friends can comment. Users can only allow people and pages they mention to leave comments on posts. Now, publishers can have more control over strangers who comment on their public posts.

In addition, Facebook has recently added new controls for the content users see in the News Feed, adding a new ranking of information flow algorithms that can be turned off and the order in which the content is displayed.

Users can add up to 30 friends or pages to their favorites, allowing them to be promoted to a higher position in the News Feed.

Or users can use a new News Feed filter to only see content from their favorites.

Facebook now makes these “favorites” and “recent” filters more prominent, placing them at the top of the news source as separate tabs.

Users can switch between them, and can be accessed in the Feed filter bar, on Android can be browsed by scrolling up the News Feed, this feature will also be available in iOS “in the next few weeks”.

In addition, the company will also launch new tools to help control potentially harmful content in groups. At present, measures have been taken on Instagram to protect teenagers from potentially dangerous adults on the platform.