Facebook smart watch is exposed, or will be released next year

With the rise of the AIoT concept, more and more companies have begun to deploy wearable devices in this field.

In addition to traditional digital manufacturers such as Apple and Huawei, many Internet companies have also begun to make efforts in this field, launching their wearable devices.

Recently, some media exposed a picture of Facebook’s latest watch. Through the exposure picture, we can see that the most eye-catching feature of this smart watch is its water drop screen design.

This is not the same as the previous rumors that Facebook will launch a smart watch without a camera.

Earlier, Bloomberg exposed a Facebook smart watch code-named “Milan”, this watch was found in Facebook’s previously launched smart glasses “Ray-Ban Stories” app.

However, this watch is not equipped with a camera, so the exposed pictures this time indicate that this may be a new smart watch.

It is reported that Facebook plans to launch the smart watch next summer, which will be equipped with a camera and a heart rate monitoring device, but the specific time has not yet been determined.

At present, the global smart watch market is dominated by manufacturers such as Google, Samsung and Apple. Therefore, in order to differentiate itself, Facebook aims to make its smart watch function closer to that of a smart phone.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg emphasized this competition in the field of smart watches, saying that Android and iOS have formed an “ecological closure” in related fields.

Earlier this week, at the company’s earnings conference, Facebook also said that the reason why it did not meet its expected revenue target was partly due to Apple’s advertising tracking function.