5K resolution, HTC’s new generation of VR device is launched

At the 2021 HTC VIVE Virtual Ecological Conference with the theme of Dawn Departure, HTC officially launched the VR all-in-one machine HTC VIVE FOCUS 3 and PC-VR HTC VIVE PRO 2. In addition, a new virtual person VEE and VIVE BUSINESS commercial platform was also released.


All-in-one VR machine: HTC VIVE Focus 3

HTC VIVE Focus 3 is equipped with two 2.5K resolution screens, 90Hz refresh rate, 120-degree ultra-wide field of view, magnesium alloy built-in structure, which improves the wearing experience, removable battery and supports fast charging function, which improves battery replacement effectiveness.

The device is built with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip, and its performance is similar to Snapdragon 865. Pointing speakers are mounted on the headbands on both sides to output sound directly to the ears, and it is difficult for others to hear. It also supports wireless controllers and can also play games, but its main use is in commercial applications such as medical treatment and automobile manufacturing.



The HTC VIVE Pro series debuted in 2018. The Pro 2 unveiled this time is an upgraded version with a headset with a single-eye resolution of 2448 × 2448, a 120Hz refresh rate, and a 120° viewing angle. Supports video stream compression technology (DSC), which can provide lossless high-resolution images with minimal motion blur, and also eliminates the screen window effect that most previous VR headsets have, and the dim parts between picture pixels are reduced. The experience is more real.

HTC Vive Pro 2 has a firm adjustable headband, and can quickly adjust the interpupillary distance. The product is equipped with two earphones, has Hi-Res certification in terms of audio, and can provide 3D audio. This headset is compatible with all Vives. SteamVR devices, such as trackers, controllers, etc.


HTC VIVE BUSINESS Commercial Platform

It can tailor reliable VR solutions according to the needs of enterprises and professional users. One of the cores of HTC VIVE Business is the VIVE Business app store, which is a VR content platform specifically for enterprises and business users, covering six modules of remote collaboration, healthcare, training, visual design, education and learning, and offline experience. Users can access VIVE Business through web pages, mobile phones, and VR, obtain commercial licenses for various solutions in one click, and even communicate directly with developers for enterprise customization.

In terms of price, HTC Vive Focus 3 will be on sale globally on June 27 at a price of 1,300 US dollars.

The HTC Vive Pro 2 package will be on sale on June 4 at a price of 1399 US dollars. It includes the device, Base Station 2.0 tracker, and VR handle.