6 cute doll pillows less than RM50 on SHOPEE!

There must be a friend by your side who sleeps with a lot of dolls or pillows to feel safe! Today, I will introduce some cheap and cute dolls that you can buy on Shopee. They are not only affordable but also great as gifts for friends!

1. Flat Whale

Price: RM42.49

Purchase link: Click here

The super cute flat whale doll, the 80cm one is only RM42.49, friends who like big dolls must get it. In addition to whales, it also has other animal designs and each one is very beautiful.


2. Simulation seal doll

Price: RM48

Purchase link: Click here

The Japanese seal dolls that were very popular before can also be found on Shopee, and the price is reasonable, only RM48 for a 60cm one. The appearance of the naive seal looks super cute.

20210201_16121685159751_mobile 20210201_16121685161562_mobile

3. Baby polar bear 

Price: RM39.94

Purchase link: Click here

The cute polar bear is like a sleeping baby. There are white and brown bears to choose from, and you can also choose whether or not to let them wear clothes, all of which do not exceed RM50. 20210201_16121687171541_mobile 20210201_16121687173782_mobile

4. LINE Friends Brown Bear

Price: RM40

Purchase link: Click here

Friends who like LINE Friends will not fail to know this cute Brown Bear. The 30cm Brown Beat only costs RM40. Of course, you can also choose a larger one, but the price is slightly different.

20210201_16121688261851_mobile 20210201_16121688263932_mobile

5. Giant Avocado doll

Price: RM50

Purchase link: Click here

RM50Friends who like Avocado definitely should buy one! The 65cm large Avocado doll has a sense of security, and the price is only RM50.

20210201_16121689500231_mobile 20210201_16121689502012_mobile

6. Hamster chair cushion doll

Price: RM39.41

Purchase link: Click here

The hamster chair cushion that is necessary during work from home is not only cute but also comfortable to sit on. The back and cushion of the doll can be taken apart. The hamster doll on the back of the chair can also be used as a lunch break pillow, which is very practical.  20210201_16121690638781_mobile 20210201_16121690640762_mobile