6 tablet stands you must buy from IKEA

In this era of advanced internet and technology, whether it is a tablet, a laptop, or a mobile phone, it brings a lot of convenience to everyone. The number of new confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Malaysia is on the rise. The government encourages employees to work from home, so it is necessary for everyone to have a proper desk and office chair so that it will not affect you who are working seriously. Your back, neck, and shoulders will not feel pain and soreness. In addition, another must-have item is the tablet stand, which can make your vision parallel to the display and relieve neck and shoulder fatigue.

20210129_16118913073961_mobile Ikea Malaysia has launched 6 types of tablet stands that are affordable and will not occupy a tablespace. Come and see if the design of the tablet stand is suitable for you!

1. MÖJLIGHET – Headset/tablet stand

Many Malaysians like to use iPad to watch movies, TV series, anime, or variety shows. The following tablet stand is also suitable for everyone. The stand is small, lightweight, durable, and stable, it’s convenient to move from the desk to the bedside table, and you can also place your earphones neatly. Ikea has introduced two colors for everyone to choose from, including black and orange.

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Price: RM 12.90

20210129_16118757544051_mobile 2. ISBERGET – Tablet stand

The second type of tablet stand can move with your tablet, allowing you to work anywhere. The feature of this tablet stand is that it has two ways of placing it, whether it is watching a movie or a recipe, it can provide a comfortable perspective. With the raised bottom edge of the tablet stand, you can fix your tablet so you can use it on the bed.

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Price: RM 8.90

20210129_16118759864501_mobile 3. VIVALLA – Tablet stand, bamboo 

This bamboo tablet stand has a high-value appearance, it’s economical and affordable, and is indeed a good tablet stand. A feature of the stand is that it can be placed on the table or hung on the wall, and it does not take up space at all. The design of the stand is very stable and durable, and it’s suitable for placing books and tablets for daily use.

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Price: RM 44.90


20210129_16118764217481_mobile 4. BRÄDA – Laptop support

The following laptop stand is very suitable for students. A rubber pad is attached to the bottom of the stand, which can be fixed in position without sliding. The inclined laptop stand allows you to use the computer more comfortably, and online lessons at home will no longer be a problem.

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Price: RM 14.90

20210129_16118762691771_mobile 5. BYLLAN – Laptop support

This laptop stand is too practical! The bottom of the stand is equipped with adjustable cushions so that the laptop can be placed firmly on the lap or on uneven surfaces. In addition, the cushion cover can be removed and washed with a washing machine, which is easy to keep clean.

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Price: RM 49.90

20210129_16118758976111_mobile 6. BERGENES – Holder for mobile phone/tablet

For those who love to use mobile phones or tablets to watch TV series, you should buy this holder! The lightweight bamboo holder takes up a small space and is easy to carry. With this holder, watching TV will be more free and convenient.

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Price: RM 4.90

20210129_16118876936001_mobile It’s time to buy a tablet stand for yourself, whether it is working, watching TV series or studying, it will not make your shoulders and neck feel tired easily.