How to let your cell phone becomes a DSLR camera? Here are the tips!

1 HDR mode

HDR is an abbreviation, which translates to mean high dynamic range.

In scenes with backlighting or bright and dark light, the bright and dark parts of the subject cannot be recorded by the mobile phone at the same time. When HDR mode is turned on, the camera will quickly take multiple shots and combine them with different exposure settings.

The simple understanding is that it will take dark, bright, and normal exposure multiple photos separately, take the most ideal part of each, and then automatically synthesize one. The synthesized photos will also have better performance in the dark and bright parts.

2 Streamer shutter

The streamer shutter function is set up to allow everyone to easily realize the professional picture effect of the SLR slow shutter with one button.

Open the shooting interface and click More to find [Streamer Shutter].

✨【Busy traffic】, shooting night scenes and car lights moving track

✨【Light painting graffiti】, shooting the light source moving track at night

✨[Silk Silk Flowing Water], shooting the flowing water like the name Silk

✨【brilliant star trails】, shoot the trajectories of stars

📷Fix the phone with the octopus frame as shown in the figure, and start shooting in the [Silk Flowing Water] mode.

📷The water surface has become as calm as a mirror. A professional visual effect landscape film was successfully shot. It is simple and intuitive without any additional filters.


3 Professional mode

If the shooting light is complicated, select the professional mode and manually control the shutter speed and sensitivity.

❤️Under low light conditions, the lower the sensitivity, the better the picture quality.

📱The shutter speed controls the brightness of the screen. Turn the screen to the left to darken, and to the right to brighten the screen.

📱First set the sensitivity of 100 to ensure the image quality, and then move the shutter speed to the brightness you want.

4 Exposure lock

If the shooting scene is relatively bright, automatic exposure is prone to errors. It is troublesome to pull the small sun back and forth to control the brightness every time you shoot. Tap on the phone screen for three seconds without letting go, and a text prompt for autofocus/auto exposure lock will appear.

Then pull the little sun to control the brightness. Unless you tap the screen again to unlock it, the brightness of this shooting will always remain the same. You can only focus on the viewfinder shooting.

5 White light balance control

Now the white light balance settings of mobile phone photos are all set to automatic by default. For obviously warmer sunrises, sunsets, and colder dawns and evenings, the automatic white balance may swallow these colors, and warm and cold colors will not appear.

To maximize the expression of warm or cool colors at the time, set the white balance to such modes as cloudy (warmer, used at sunrise and sunset), fluorescent light, and white fabric (cooler, used after sunset, before dawn).