A great news! Apex Legends is coming to Android and iOS, you can play on your phone!

Mobile battle royale shooters like Fortnite and PUBG Mobile now have another major rival. Respawn and EA have introduced Apex Legends Mobile, a phone-friendly version of the Titanfall-based last-one-standing game for Android and iOS.

The developer was shy on full details of how Apex Legends Mobile would differ from its console and PC counterparts. However, Respawn’s Chad Grenier promised specially designed touchscreen controls and “thoughtful optimizations” for smaller screens. It would be new, yet “true to the original,” he said.


This game would maintain free-to-play, with no paid items that provide an edge over rival players. You can expect some unique Battle Passes, cosmetics and unlockables. Don’t expect to compete against other platforms using Apex Legends Mobile, though. As it’s designed specifically for mobile, you won’t find cross-play with console or PC players.

You may not have to wait long to play, depending on where you live. Regional betas start in late April, when “a few thousand” Android players in India and the Philippines will get early access to Apex Legends Mobile. More regions, more players and iOS users will have access throughout 2021.