A new phone in Vivo V21 series is coming! Equipped with Dimensity 900 and 8GB RAM

In June of this year, vivo launched the V21 series, with powerful shooting effects and good performance, coupled with stylish and colorful design attracts many people’s attention.

Subsequently, the series was promoted to the global market in July, with good sales and reputation.

In a blink of an eye, it’s the end of August. Is there any news on the vivo V21 series?

Recently, a vivo smartphone with models “V2130A” and “V2131A” was revealed to be about to be released.

They appear on the Google Play Console, showing that the phone is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G processor, indicating that the phone should be a new member of the vivo V21 series.

It also has 8GB RAM, and the specifications are still very good.

In terms of appearance, the hole in the center of the front screen is a bit large, and the four-sided borders are quite narrow. Both resolutions are almost 1080×2400, 480 PPI, and the display effect is still OK.

As for the shooting effect of the phone, the news did not reveal its lens specifications. Considering that the advantage of the V21 series is to take photos, I believe that their performance will not be too bad.