A phone is suitable for taking pictures-OPPO Find X2 Pro

With elegant bamboo green color, this phone can open a tranquil summer

The appearance of this phone also has the reputation of Celine in the mobile phone industry, which is very popular. However, the most attractive reason for my decision to enter is that a very special bamboo cyan color was recently released. To describe it, it is probably inclined to the elegant Morandi, which is light green, with a self-evident high-level tone. In the summer of summer, when the heat is irritable, looking at such fresh and natural colors is a healing thing. Coupled with the curved screen and the leather texture on the back, the whole touch feels comfortable. 

Great configuration, easy to get satisfied photos

Many friends say that my photography style is very clean and simple, and very ins style. Speaking of mobile photography, of course, I need to be consistent. OPPO Find X2 Pro comes with a custom Sony flagship sensor, dual 48-megapixel lenses, and micro-single-level equipment, which is more like a professional lighter, which is just what you want.

Powerful camera function, record beautiful at any time

When I visited the store, I used to use the portrait mode to check coffee and dessert first. The portrait mode with two focal lengths made the blur natural and at the same time ensured the clarity of the subject. Then, the ultra-wide-angle function is used to take pictures of the environment of the storefront or in the store. The ultra-wide-angle effect allows you to record the environment you want to take even in a narrow street or a shop with a small space. 

The macro mode also surprises me. In the summer, the eye-catching green plants on the street can be photographed at will with a mobile phone. The macro is automatically turned on, and the lines of the plants can be clearly photographed at a very close distance.