Airpods Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs. OnePlus Buds Pro: Sound Quality, Battery Life and More Specs

Three awesome wireless earbuds are competing in the market! Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, AirPods Pro, and the incoming OnePlus Buds Pro are all popular brands consumers might consider for purchase. Full comparisons on these three and how to choose which one is worth your money are listed below.

Wireless earbuds are growing necessities in the digital lifestyle. Users hook up these wireless and quick-charging devices on their ear, so they could join in an ongoing Zoom meeting or call while their hands remain busy with some other tasks. Others buy these earbuds with plans to listen to good quality music. Regardless of the reason, knowing the best earbud option is very important.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, AirPods Pro, and OnePlus Buds Pro are all consumer favorites in the market. Here are the specific strengths and weaknesses of each device.


Similarities on Battery Life and Other Specs

First are the similarities that all these three wireless earbud options have, and Screenrant highlighted their features.

All three support Dolby Atmos for an immersive listening experience. The three also use active noise cancellation (ANC) features but vary in efficiency.

All three have Qi wireless charging support. OnePlus and Samsung both offer USB-C wired charging (estimated 10 minutes) compared to the AirPods Pro Lightning port (estimated at 15 minutes).

Finally, all three offer good performance with long battery life. However, OnePlus Buds Pro is a clear winner, rated with 38 hours battery life against Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (28 hours) and AirPods Pro (24 hours).


Difference in Sound Quality and Price

It is interesting to note that these earbuds have a lot of different features from each other. Consumers could choose the “best earbuds” based on their specific usage needs.


Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro: Out of the three, Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro has a unique small design that easily fits inside the ear. However, this set of earbuds also features “Transparency Mode,” where the user could listen to the sounds of the environment as if they are not wearing earbuds at all. The Galaxy Buds pro also features IPX7 dust/water-resistance rating, making it one of the most durable wireless earbuds in the market. Galaxy Buds Pro retails at $199 or at a discounted price of $169.


OnePlus Buds Pro: This wireless earbud option best serves as a budget alternative amongst the three. OnePlus Buds Pro has a design similar to AirPods Pro, but features different usability. The stem is in chrome metal, so the fingers instantly recognize it by texture. As previously mentioned, OnePlus Buds have the longest battery life, outperforming both competitors by nearly ten more hours. OnePlus Buds Pro retails at $149


AirPods Pro. Apple’s Airpods Pro has proved its usability as a long-time runner in the market since 2019. AirPods Pro boasted that its design continuously adapt to the geometry of your ear. AirPods Pro also features an IPX4 water-resistance rating. Lastly, AirPods Pro is a classic choice for Apple users, mainly for its integration with the Apple ecosystem. AirPods Pro retail at $249.