An electric toothbrush with a screen, Mijia Sonic Electric Toothbrush T700 Experience

The electric toothbrush I used before is Mijia. The things made by Xiaomi are very cost-effective and the electric toothbrush can be connected to the mobile phone to view some data. This also provides favorable conditions for maintaining oral hygiene, so among the many electric toothbrushes, it is very important to choose a product that suits you and is cost-effective. The Mijia brand is just a very good choice. Recently, Mijia launched a sonic electric toothbrush T700. It has other new features while maintaining the high cost-performance of Mijia electric toothbrushes. I have also experienced it for a few days, and I want to share some views with you.

1. Unboxing

From the outer packaging, you can see that the Mijia electric toothbrush T700 is different from other electric toothbrushes, including the toothbrushes of Xiaomi’s previous models. The Mijia electric toothbrush T700 is packaged in a dark color. In our impression, most of the products made by Mijia They are all white, but this product is dark. From this point, it can be seen that the positioning of this product is different from the past. The official positions this product as a high-end electric toothbrush.

The overall packaging is still simple, with only the toothbrush picture, model and Mijia logo on the front of the packaging, which continues the simple design features of Mijia.


After opening the package, we can see that there are the main body of the electric toothbrush, two brush heads, a charging base and an instruction manual.


The handle of the Mijia Electric Toothbrush T700 adopts a cylindrical design, which looks beautiful and generous. Near the upper part are two buttons, one is the switch key, and the other is the button to adjust the vibration size. The vibration supports infinitely variable speed, which is suitable for all kinds of people. 


On the whole, it seems that the Mijia electric toothbrush T700 still retains the design features of the previous Mijia electric toothbrush. The simple design is its biggest feature. At the same time, it has a feature that I like very much: it is an electric toothbrush with an LED display.

There is an LED display light source in the lower part of the button, which can display various modes and the size of vibration, and also supports customization, which can display nicknames and anniversaries, etc, which is very playable.


The head of the brush head is very thin, which is very friendly to brushing, and the foreign body sensation is not so strong when brushing, and it can clean the oral cavity very well. 

Its brush-head cover uses a straight-up and straight-down design and uses a frosted treatment. The brush head part is made of DuPont nylon bristles. Visual inspection of the bristles is very fine, which is very important for oral cleaning. After reading the official data, I know that the outer bristles have a diameter of 0.127mm and the middle bristles have a diameter of 0.152mm. clean. In addition, the brush head part is made of food contact grade ABS material, which meets FDA requirements, so the brush head is also very durable. 

It is worth noting that there are many protruding points on the back of the handle, which can greatly reduce the slippage between the hand and the electric toothbrush when brushing the teeth. 


The Mijia Electric Toothbrush T700 still continues the previous wireless charging. Just put it on the charging base and it can be easily charged. I usually put the charging base next to the sink and put it directly on it after brushing, so that it can be kept electric state full at all times. 


The LED display on the handle of Mijia Electric Toothbrush T700 can display various text and patterns, which also adds a lot of playability to this product. Under normal use, it can display the mode of the electric toothbrush and the intensity of vibration.

I feel that the vibration of the Mijia electric toothbrush T700 is more delicate, and it supports continuously variable speed, that is, the vibration can be changed from large to small or from small to large. Seam switch, so suitable for all kinds of people.

The most obvious feeling when brushing your teeth is that it has an over-pressure reminder function than ordinary electric toothbrushes. Whenever you brush your teeth too hard, the toothbrush will vibrate at different frequencies to remind you, and there will be a red light turning on on the back of the toothbrush. 


3. APP

The biggest feature of Mijia’s product is that it supports connection with a mobile phone, using the mobile phone as an extended screen that can display more information. After connecting to the Mijia APP, there is one more Mijia smart device on the homepage, so this toothbrush is also part of the smart home.

In the Mijia APP, you can see that there is a tooth brushing score on the homepage. This score is based on the total brushing time, coverage, uniformity, and overpressure times. The higher the score, the better the brushing effect. 

In addition, the homepage also shows the remaining days of the brush head. It is best to change the brush head after three months of use. This is also the service life of an ordinary toothbrush because the wear of the brush head after a long period of time will greatly reduce the effect of brushing.

I think the most useful function of the APP is to display the battery level. There is the remaining battery level of the electric toothbrush on the top of the APP homepage. This solves the problem of inaccurate display of the remaining battery level of the ordinary electric toothbrush. As long as the mobile phone Bluetooth is turned on, open the APP and refresh it. The electric toothbrush is connected, and the remaining power can be easily seen anytime and anywhere when the toothbrush is around.

As mentioned earlier, this electric toothbrush has an LED screen that can display some useful information. In addition to displaying regular patterns and vibration levels, it can also display pre-set nicknames, input letters, numbers, and custom expressions.

In addition to displaying the nickname, it can also display the anniversary reminder. You need to set the anniversary date in advance before using it. When you brush your teeth on that day, the screen will display the anniversary reminder set in advance, but it is worth noting that the emoji here can only be selected The nickname display provided in the software is the same, only the emoticons provided in the software can be selected.

In addition to the functions above, the software also supports setting the brushing mode, brushing time, strength and speed, etc. It also supports the gradual activation of the toothbrush after the power is turned on to prevent toothpaste from splashing. This setting is very detailed.