Android 12.1 was leaked, Google’s folding screen phone was exposed: codenamed Jumbojack

On September 21, it was reported that Google is about to push the official version of the Android 12 operating system.

After the official version of Android 12, the next version of Android will be named Android 12.1. It is generally believed that Google’s upcoming Pixel 6 series is expected to be equipped with Android 12.1 operating system first.

The media found that Google’s folding screen phone Pixel Fold (tentatively named) appeared in Android 12.1.

The report pointed out that Google is developing two folding screen phones, one is code-named “Jumbojack” and the other is code-named “Passport”. The former has appeared in the Android 12.1 source code.


The media pointed out that this means that Android 12.1 will be targeted to optimize folding screen devices, so that Android applications can better run on folding screen devices.

Unfortunately, the details of this folding screen phone from Google are temporarily unknown.

At present, many well-known mobile phone brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Motorola have mass-produced foldable screen phones.