Android 12 will force all apps to use the same official share menu

Currently, when you want to share photos or links from the app, the menus that open are varied.

This is because Android is currently open to allow developers to customize this interface called “Sharesheet”, resulting in different apps with different styles.

What’s more, third-party apps like Sharedr can also use their own interface instead of the official version.

However, Sharedr found that in the Android 12 version, the menu that originally provided users to choose Sharedr or the official Sharesheet has disappeared.

When they reported the bug to Google, Google replied that this was intentional, that is, third-party apps that replace Sharesheet will not be opened in the future.

Google told XDA Developers that Google did not intend to allow developers to replace Sharesheet from beginning to end, but to allow all apps to open a common Sharesheet interface.


In fact, there are more and more things on Sharesheet that cannot be changed by developers, such as neighbor sharing, or personal/work pagination, which makes third-party alternative development increasingly infeasible.

However, this restriction has not been added to the customization of Sharesheet itself, so although it cannot be replaced by a third-party application.

There may still be differences between the Sharesheets of individual mobile phones, but all apps on the same mobile phone will see the same.

As for third-party apps like Sharedr, they will still exist in the future, but they will have to be shared from Sharesheet first, and then transferred to other places, which is one more step.