The future hope of Android—-6 experience feelings of Xiaomi 11ultra 12+512G

1. The hand feel of the mobile phone is very good, and the ceramic material is the best among those mobile phones around the world.

2. It’s good for taking pictures, and it’s on par with Huawei Mate40pro

3. Its battery charging life is very good, much better than Mate40pro and Porsche~

4. The MIUI system is very good and it is very smooth to use

5. As for the screen, it is more detailed than the indoor display when the outdoor light is strong.
As for 2k, I didn’t find it was much better than Porsche. Maybe I am used to the Mate40RS screen.

6. The original film of Mi 11ultra is better than Oppo and OnePlus, but it is easy to stain.