Mi MIX 4 rendering image has been exposed: under-screen camera

Xiaomi’s MIX series has been released for 3 generations. This series is the true high-end flagship model in the history of Xiaomi mobile phones. It is the true pioneer of full-screen design in the field of mobile phones. It’s been a long time, but recently there is finally the latest news about the new machine. Some netizens have exposed a set of conceptual design renderings that are suspected of the Xiaomi MIX 4.


Mi MIX 4 will still lead the screen design of the entire mobile phone industry. It adopts a true full-screen solution. There are no extra openings on the front of the fuselage. The four frames are completely equal in width. The screen effect of the whole machine is very shocking. A new mass-produced under-screen camera was first released in half a year.