Say goodbye to power panic: Nank POWER3 power bank

In this fast-paced age, it is hard to imagine the inconvenience and embarrassment of our mobile phones and other portable equipment when there is no power. In addition to mobile phones, there may be items such as tablets and headphones in our bags. Therefore, you must bring a power bank every time you go out. And what I want is a large capacity, support for fast charging, preferably unlimited wired and wireless. Therefore, I paid attention to and started this Nank POWER3 power bank.

Nank POWER3 can be said to be a further upgrade on the basis of Nank POWER2 because the wired and wireless design can charge multiple devices at the same time and supports the PD fast charging protocol. The maximum 20w wired charging can also be said to be sufficient.


The large capacity of 20000mAh is a feature of this power bank, and the reason for using polymer lithium batteries makes it about 20 mm thick. It can be said that the overall size is small. The surface material is made of cashmere craft, the material is skin-friendly, anti-slip, sweat-proof, and shockproof. Compulsory certification marks such as CE, ROSH, FCC at the bottom indicate that it has reliable quality assurance.


After opening the support angle, you can see a stable side stand effect. This also brings a lot of convenience in daily use.


The figure below is the only button, which is mainly used to turn on and turn on the charging mode.


It can be seen that the standard USB interface and Type-C interface are used in the interface settings. The C port is the position of the charging indicator and the power switch indicator, the digital display screen brings intuitive feedback of the battery status.


This is the position of wireless charging, because of the design of the upgraded large coil, it has a sensitive induction effect. A phone with a shell with a vertical distance of 8 mm can still be charged.


The capacity of 20,000 can charge iPhone12 7 times in use. And Xiaomi 10 or Huawei Mate40 can charge 3.5 times, and AirPods can also charge in low current mode, long-press the switch to enter low current mode, no need to plug in the cable, easy to put it on and you can inductive charging.

In the two modes of wired output, the C port can be used with the C2L line and C2C line to realize PD3.0 fast charging protocol and various mobile phones for replenishment. The USB output supports PD fast charging, QC fast charging, Huawei FCP fast charging, and other modes, as well as Apple protocol and DCP charging protocol.


In use, its triple heat dissipation design brings an excellent temperature control effect. It is not hot during charging. And it has metal foreign body protection, temperature protection, output short circuit protection, RESET protection, input overvoltage protection, output boiler protection, output overvoltage protection, battery overcharge and over-discharge protection, and battery field protection. It can be said that it is extremely reliable under the effect of fast charging with large capacity.


In the input mode, the maximum support 15W, it can be said that charging is also fast.


It can be seen in use that this power bank is a piece of indispensable good equipment for us to go out. After all, the 20000mAh large capacity, two-way fast charging, and wireless charging are very convenient. In addition, the triple heat dissipation design and multiple safety protections can be said to be very reliable. Therefore, if you want to buy a small partner of a power bank in the near future, it is recommended to pay attention to Nank POWER3.