Small and warm smart ornaments: Roome bottle light

I have always hoped to have a smart light controlled by a mobile phone, which can free me from the trouble of finding light switches in the dark at night. Recently, Millimeter Technology has launched a smart home product Roome smart light bottle with its professionalism and excellent technology. The appearance is small and simple, stylish and beautiful, and can be remotely controlled by the light bottle. Let’s take a look at what kind of experience it has.


The whole smart light bottle is mainly milky white, with a small, simple, stylish, and beautiful appearance. The light column lampshade adopts a semi-transparent texture, and the surface is milky white. The top and bottom are painted with natural stone grain, which is finely crafted and frosted. The size is only 80*80*138mm, and the weight is only 180g. It can be easily held in one palm and is very convenient to carry.



The smart light bottle adopts a drop-shaped design, especially like a tumbler that was played when I was a child. The ROOME logo and a carrying hole are printed on the top, and a leather sling is attached. It can be hung by opening the lock and through the bottom groove when it’s not in use. The storage is very convenient.



Three raised infrared sensors are connected to one side of the base, which can sense the area of ​​180° on this side, it can be sensitive to people’s activities and act as temporary lighting at night. On the other side, there is a photosensitive sensor, power indicator, power button, and power interface, which can automatically switch the light according to the brightness of the surrounding environment.


The control is very simple. You can turn on/off, manually control and reset settings through the power button on the base. The power button has the function of one button and multiple controls, and the design is more ingenious and intelligent. The soft warm yellow LED light source is adopted, which has the characteristics of extremely low energy consumption. The brightness can be adjusted freely. Just press and hold the power button, and the brightness of the light will change cyclically. It is very convenient to select the current brightness after releasing it.